Illumio ASP Guards NetSuite's High-End Applications

By CIOReview | Friday, January 29, 2016

SUNNYVALE, CA:  NetSuite, service provider of cloud based financial and ERP systems has chosen Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) to secure the entire cloud domain and other related data centers. Illumio ASP was adopted with a need of continuous security which is adaptable for high-value applications and processes. Just providing high-end applications to its users is not what Brian Chess, SVP of Infrastructure and Security, NetSuite seeks.  Brain says, “Illumio ASP has been like having an additional member of our security team that never sleeps allowing us to increase security across our suite of software applications."

NetSuite is intimidated by the boon of Illumio ASP in providing a security system which is flexible in ASP engine that can adapt to changing environment of NetSuite in Cloud systems. ASP also provides a real-time visibility of all the on-going processes in the network, which slashes out hardware and VLANs, and implements modern IP systems. ASP cuirasses the high-end applications with a self-healing, redundant design which helps in maintaining the system even when the system is down. Illumio ASP quarantines the intruders like the Malware and Trojans within a single click.

Featuring the modules like Continuous Policy Enforcement, Live Traffic and Policy Visibility, Infrastructure Independence, On-Demand and Policy-Based Encryption, Enterprise Scaling and Reliability, and One Click to Quarantine in a single platform built  for NetSuite users. The Illumio ASP determines to provide complete security to the NetSuite user’s ERP, Cloud and Data management systems against breaching.