Candy Bar Banks on NetSuite for Organized Workflow

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2016

SAN MATEO, CA: Dylan’s Candy Bar declares the positive outcomes of its association with NetSuite to implement its solutions for an efficient and well-organized workflow. Dylan’s Candy Bar was in need of a combined system, which is now provided by NetSuite to capitalize on their momentum. NetSuite proclaims that  Candy Bar has been able to yield more than double its retail locations from four flagship stores and three licensed shops to sixteen flagship and licensed locations in January. Candy Bar expands legacy applications by shifting IT add-on solutions to cloud NetSuite, eliminating the significant cost to maintain its in-house IT resource requirements for maintenance, backups, upgrades and troubleshooting.

NetSuite is the base for managing Dylan’s Candy Bar business processes, together with financials, inventory and order management, warehousing and customer relationship management (CRM). Candy Bar platform supports rapid evolution, streamlines business operations and achieves its target to transform the brand experience for shoppers through innovative efforts.

On-premise legacy applications were blocking the growth and hindering business evolution. Bulky and error-prone manual work compromised the proficiency related to real time data and dependable sources. Thereafter applying NetSuite the insights they gain from a single source of data are profound and take up correlation-driven approach to impart their customers.

“With NetSuite, we’ve undertaken radical change to transform the shopping experience at Dylan’s Candy Bar and bring joy and wonder to our customers’ lives,” said Erica Stevens, VP of Supply Chain and IT, Dylan.

All fundamental business processes can co-exist with the solution. Real-time data can be accessed on demand, empowering Candy Bar to rapidly expand its brand and continue disrupting the industry. Adapting modernization in IT takes the company to next level.

Personalized, cross-channel marketing: The size of Dylan’s Candy Bar customer database has scaled up to more than double after NetSuite’s CRM solution is adopted. Customer information central hub spans over multiple channels and implements the outcome to benefit from personalized, cross-channel marketing programs.

Efficient order management: NetSuite has centralized the order management of the company, resulting in the reduction of the time consumed on ecommerce order processing by 66 percent.

Reduced inventory discrepancies: Inventory mismatch reduced by 65 percent through a single system of inventory record maintenance, purchasing, warehousing and sales by Candy Bar.

Expanded retail partnerships: Candy Bar has strengthened relationships and smoothened transactions with its retail partners using NetSuite and an EDI solution from NetSuite partner SPS Commerce.